Wolf Moon


A Wolf Moon glows eerily through the clouds on a cold January day in New Mexico. The hypnotic moon will captivate you every time you look at it.


‘Twas a Wolf Moon out there… a time of mystery, a time of danger, a time when sensible folks stay inside, lock the doors, bar the windows, and hide, for the wolves be are surely out there. Wolf Moons are nothing to fool around with, that’s for sure, for many an odd thing happens upon them.

Nah. It is merely the first full moon of the year, the Wolf Moon. There I was, camera in hand, when the clouds parted for a moment, allowing me to make this photograph just as it was rising just to the left of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico.

Left, in this case, is defined as myself being in the west looking east, with the mountains to my right. This, in turn, makes the moon to my left and my head hurt trying to describe it. This moonrise’s color was incredible, and the clouds parted just enough to reveal the misty moon.

This photograph almost didn’t get made. I knew the Wolf Moon was rising, yet the clouds remained stubborn and obscured the moon. I could see the light behind the clouds, but that was about it. The moments slid by, and no movement at all with the clouds.

I remained, stubborn and hopeful, yet the moon continued to hide. Finally, just as hope faded, the clouds parted, giving me a quick opportunity to make the photograph.

No sooner than I did the clouds closed in again. The timing turned out to be exquisite, for the rest of the night remained cloudy. It just shows to never give up hope, for you never know.

Strange Happenings with Wolf Moons

Strange things happen when Wold Moons appear, and this photograph is one of them. What an incredible evening. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it is off to find to next Wolf Moon.

Also Available

We also have a full moon hanging canvas print available! This gorgeous 12×18″ hanging print features a black top and bottom bar, and is ready to hang. It makes a stunning accent piece.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


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