My Books

What’s not to love about a good book? These books, all written by David Schneider, are a delight and a joy to read. Each one is a treasure and contains photographs and stories from David’s adventures and travels. They will take you behind the scenes of his photography and you can follow along with him as he explores our world. Some stories will make you laugh, and some will make you think, but all of them will delight you time and again.

These books make an excellent coffee table book and a companion to David’s photographs. After all, what better way to tell the story of the photograph on your wall than having the book that goes along with it?

Each book comes in hard and soft cover. The content between them is exactly the same. The only difference is the cover.

Sojournic Tales

Sojournic Tales is my first book, and as such, contains my earliest work. It was this book that started it all, and here that I gathered my stories into Soujournic Tales. All of the photographs and stories are from the Southwest.

Both awe-inspiring and aw-w-inspiring, the compelling photographs and fanciful stories in Sojournic Tales make you gasp, laugh, and sometimes shake your head in wonder. Wildlife and nature photographer and author David Schneider’s rare collection of superb Southwestern photographs and charming tales titillate, inspire, and even tickle your fancy. With Sojournic Tales you’ll tour the best of the Southwest. You’ll journey to the deep deserts to the highest mountains. You’ll see the smallest flower to sweeping landscapes. Come explore the least of the animals to the largest of the raptors. In pictures and with anecdotes that may or may not be completely true, David Schneider and Sojournic Tales take you on a journey to the Southwest that you’ll never forget.

Unbounded Chronicles

Unbounded Chronicles picks up where Sojournic Tales leaves off and follows the same format. The stories are expanded and we go behind the scenes on some of my adventures. Plus, we leave the Southwest and head across the country.

Unbounded Chronicles carries you on a visual adventure of a lifetime, along with stories that tickle your fancy and soothe the soul. Take brave and treacherous trips that make your breath catch in your throat. You will find delight and beauty with each page in this book while you view scenes, settings, and surroundings that few people ever get to see.

Route 66

Route 66
Route 66 is my third book and takes us on a journey along the length of the Mother Road. Starting in Chicago and ending in Santa Monica, Route 66 takes us on a journey of past and present.

Each photograph is richly detailed with its history and each one is extensively researched. Relying on first-hand accounts, public records, and historical documents, Route 66 brings America’s Highway alive for us. This is a must-have book for any fan of Route 66!