Halcyon Sandias


The Rio Grande River floats lazily by the Sandia Mountains at sunset. Halcyon Sandias reminds us how beautiful sunsets in New Mexico can be.


The lazy end of a late summer’s day: what a magnificent time as Halcyon Sandias shows. The days are growing shorter, and there is a crispness to the mornings that wasn’t there a short time ago. The trees themselves, while still vibrant green, are showing the early signs that there are ready to slip into the fall colors.

The rainy season has long passed. The few clouds remaining are there mostly for show, or perhaps practicing for the winter snows ahead. Either way, they are in no hurry to be anywhere in particular.

The Rio Grande river flows serenely by the Sandia Mountains, just as it always does here. It, too, is in no vast hurry, instead preferring to linger on about its journey.

The sun heads down into the western horizon, and in so doing, provides rich, golden light for the end of the day. The river reflects the sky’s deep blue tones. And, the mountains light up in warm tones, and all watching are rewarded by the halcyon scene.

Winter will be coming soon, but that’s OK. We have today.

More views of Sandia Peak

Snowhere Trail gives us a chilly, yet inspiring, view of the Sandia Mountains. And for Sandia Sunset shows us just what an incredible sunset looks like.

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