Wigwam Nights


After a long day on the Route 66, the welcome sight of the Wigwam Motel’s neon lights in Holbrook, Arizona, means Wigwam Nights is here.


When was the last time you spent the night in a teepee? With Wigwam Nights, tonight can be the night.

Wigwam Nights shows Wigwam Motel #6 in Holbrook, Arizona. The lights are on, and from the number of cars parked out front, it looks to be a busy night. We’d better get in line for check-in. This vintage motel is still open for business after all these years.

Chester Lewis built the motel, designed by Frank Redford, in the 1950s. Like all the other wigwams, each room is a teepee, and each teepee is a room. It is truly an experience to stay in a teepee!

Scattered around the property, classic cars add to the authenticity and charm. These cars no longer run, but the illusion of how the motel looked in its heyday is clear. Stepping around the old cars is an experience and it is easy to forget what year it is. The rooms themselves remain authentic as well, further completing the illusion.

When the sun goes down and the neon lights come on, Wigwam Nights springs to life. The glow of the neon is clearly visible up and down the street, leading the modern day traveler to the wigwam. Although many travelers pass it by, they don’t know what they are missing.

Don’t you think tonight is a perfect night to sleep in a teepee? Wigwam Nights gives us that chance because you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


12×18, 20×30, 8×10