Mystery Saucers


These mystery saucers, wind-swept rock sculpted such that they appear as saucers, are found near Monument Valley. The saucers make a dramatic scene.


Tucked away in the Navajo Nation lies Mystery Valley, which, like its name suggests, is a place of mystery. It is right next to the far more famous Monument Valley, which receives most of the area’s attention. Still, Mystery Valley has wonders all of its own and rewards those who visit handsomely. Mystery Saucers is one of those rewards.

Although it lacks the tall monuments of its neighbor, it does have a rich and deep culture. Throughout in the valley, often where you least expect it, are the remains of ancient dwellings. Alcoves contain some of them, although all are strategically located.

They are no longer occupied, but people remember and honor them. They are sacred places, and the valley feels their very presence. They are a poignant reminder of those who came before us.

Mystery Valley also sports some impressive rock formations, such as these saucers. Wind and erosional forces have sculpted the sandstone into these swirled discs reminiscent of a flyer saucer, poised for liftoff to places beyond.

Combined with moody skies and the far off buttes, it makes for an incredible, surreal landscape, and one that completely lives up to the moniker of Mystery Valley.

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