Roadrunner Pause


Aluminum photographs have finished sides for a polished and stunning look, and are ready to hang. Each one glistens with an inner light and will look incredible.

Matted photographs utilize metallic paper, providing vibrant colors with incredible depth. Each comes with double mats and is ready for framing.

Each photograph is custom made when ordered. Please allow adequate time for them to be created just for you.



One moment, I was enjoying a perfect spring day, all alone, somewhat south of Tucson in Arizona. It was an amazing day, all around, and I was simply soaking it all in.

The next moment, a roadrunner simply appeared on the branch before me. One moment it was empty, and the next, not. That’s the way of roadrunners for they are as quick as their reputation makes them out to be. He paused there, opened his beak to say something, and…

Just like was gone again. Not even a whisper of the wind marked his departure.

The roadrunner is a beautiful bird. Although it prefers to stay and run on the ground, it will fly, or hop, for short distances. It can fly perfectly fine; it simply would prefer to walk or run. When they pause, too, their tail will often pop up giving that ever-so-classic roadrunner look. With the comb spread out, well, it makes for a very interesting bird.

I kept waiting for the branch to be reoccupied and enjoyed the day.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


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