Snowhere Trail


Aluminum photographs have finished sides for a polished and stunning look, and are ready to hang. Each one glistens with an inner light and will look incredible.

Matted photographs utilize metallic paper, providing vibrant colors with incredible depth. Each comes with double mats and is ready for framing.

Each photograph is custom made when ordered. Please allow adequate time for them to be created just for you.



Funny things happen up on top of mountains–funny things indeed. Mere mortals who are way down below sometimes can’t see what transpires, but when you’re at the top of the mountain, well, that’s a different story. Snowhere Trail is the result of one of those funny things happening.

One winter day I was up on Sandia Peak in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico standing at 10,678 feet, enjoying the view. That is, if one could consider being insanely cold “enjoyment”. If you’re familiar with me, you’ll realize that I rail against the cold quite often. Yet, for some reason, I keep stepping out in it to make photographs. At any rate, the view was wonderful, although the skies were clear as a bell. As fate and circumstances would have it, a cloud decided to drift over the peak and enshroud it. Now, the view was gone since the peak was completely obscured.

I continued to stand in the cold, my fingers growing numb, then my hands, then arms, while at the same time my toes, feet and legs were joining the numbness. I was forced to find somewhere place and was just moving away when the cloud also began moving. Enduring the cold a few moments longer yielded Snowhere Trail.

Looking at Snowhere Trail I am deeply intrigued by the idea of a trail that now appears to lead to nowhere…does it continue on, around the mountain? Does it stop? Or maybe it leads off the edge of the world? No footprints lead down the trail to snowhere…

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum