Beep! Beep!


Beep! Beep! This roadrunner stops and poses nicely in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If only all roadrunners were so cooperative!


Beep! That’s all I heard as I was ducking for cover.

One moment, I was standing there, enjoying a beautiful afternoon. But, the next moment, there was something moving toward me at something like 100 billion million zillion miles an hour and I was diving for cover.

Quickly, I dove behind the nearest boulder–just as anyone would in my position–and then quietly peeked out. There, on the next boulder over was, of all, things, a Roadrunner! Beep!

How lucky was I! First, and foremost, because I was not, in fact, run over. This is always a good thing. Second was the fact that seeing a Roadrunner is a lucky thing.

The Hopi deeply understand the Roadrunner wards off evil spirits–and rightly so, for what spirit could ever hope to keep up with one? In any case, this one chose to pose for me, although, when pressed, I might (just might) concede that it was in fact simply enjoying the afternoon sun. We both were, come to think of it.

Roadrunners are a proud bird and fast as all get out. Lucky. Luckily, it didn’t run me over. All in all, it was an absolutely great day. And with that, plus a faint beep, it was off again.

Another roadrunner

Roadrunner Pause is a different roadrunner that slowed down long enough for me to photograph.

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