Casa Blanca


The White House Ruins in Canyon de Chelly haven’t been occupied in over a century. Casa Blanca tells us the story of these ruins.


The ruins of Casa Blanca, also known as the White House, lie deep within Canyon de Chelly. It is a proud and iconic place, with its history dating back to approximately 1075AD.

In fact, it derives its current name from the Navajo appellation Kiníí’ Na’ígai, or “house with white streak across.” This location holds deep significance to the Navajo, and holds supernatural powers. It figures prominently in the origin of the Nightway Ceremony and possibly others as well.

Although it was not not built all at once, the White House was steadily expanded upon over the years until its eventual abandonment. It shows several styles of architecture and construction, spanning from very early Navajo to later Mesa-Verde and Chacoan style techniques.

This photograph represents one of the classic views of this incredible location. The orange and red tones change throughout the day as the sun transits the canyon walls. Today the ruins stand as you see them here; the echoes of the past swirling around and through them, and unto us today.

Now preserved and protected for all to see, Casa Blanca stands as a testament to our early beginnings.

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