Ironton’s Canopy


The aspen trees converge high in the sky, forming Ironton’s Canopy, in Ironton, Colorado. Ironton may be a ghost town, but it has plenty of aspen trees.


The wind caressed the aspens, gently and tenderly, allowing them to whisper their siren song to all who stopped to listen. To those who heeded the call, it was as if the aspens were singing a song of joy. And why not sing about Ironton’s Canopy?

The fall day in the forgotten town of Ironton, Colorado, was absolutely perfect. A few high clouds graced the intense blue skies, wafting high above without any earthbound cares. The sun shone bright and strong, warming up the fall afternoon and all who ventured out in it. The breeze was the exact right amount, not too much and not too little.

Ironton, in days gone by, certainly wasn’t quiet. It was a bustling mining town, and its miners tirelessly worked the Red Mountain area looking for silver and other precious minerals. The town itself was fairly large, and easily supported the miners and their families. These days, however, the town lies empty of humans, and is slowly fading back into time.

A few buildings stand guard, their brethren long gone. Aspens grow tall now, although back in Ironton’s heyday they must have been small trees clinging precariously to life. Yet, now that the miners are gone they have grown tall and strong, reaching toward the sky and their canopy closes the town in from above.

Ironton may be all but gone, but the aspens help keep it alive.

Another excellent aspen photograph

Aspen Sun is another excellent aspen photograph.

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