Aspen Sun


The sun streams through the aspens, lighting up the forest in Aspen Sun. Moments like this are magical and are always treasured.


There is something special about an aspen colony that goes above and beyond what you might expect. Sure, there are the obvious explanations of the white bark and the whispering leaves, but somehow it goes well beyond that. Aspen Sun records one of those moments.

To stand amongst the aspens and to feel the life around you is a powerful experience and you can feel the connection to the world around you.

Aspens are colonial, meaning all the trees around you are part of one single organism. As you walk through the trees, you are walking through the colony itself. As you touch one tree, you feel not only the tree itself, but the entire grove of aspens.

Because the roots and offshoots are below ground, a stand of aspens is amazingly resistant to the ravages of time. The aspen grove is able to withstand almost anything. These thoughts, and more, were going through my mind as I stood there, attempting to absorb the entirety of them. The cool fall, Colorado morning had been overcast, as mornings near Aspen, Colorado can sometimes be.

Almost without warning, though, the sun broke free of the clouds and its light spread quickly throughout the forest, bringing to life everything it touched. From that special moment Aspen Sun came to life, which is a celebration of the life of the aspen.

More Colorado Aspens

Ironton’s Canopy is another outstanding aspen photograph from Colorado. Finally, Ashcroft’s Window shows a tantalizing view of aspens outside an old hotel.

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