Gothic Fall


The small cabin stands surrounded by aspen trees in autumn color in Colorado. Gothic Fall tells the story of this cabin and the town of Gothic.


As summer wanes and begins to pass its torch to fall, nature celebrates the changing of the seasons with a display of color. Aspens, of course, lead the vanguard of this display. Where one aspen is wonderful to look at, a grove of aspens is breathtaking. Gothic Fall exemplifies fall.

This small cabin nestled in an aspen grove in Gothic, Colorado, is a perfect example.

Gothic began as the usual mining town. The rush was on when the claims of riches went out. Growing quickly to 1,000 residents, like most mining towns, it declined just as quickly when the gold and silver played out.

Unlike most such towns, however, the non-profit organization Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory acquired Gothic. The RMBL’s mission is research and education in the biological sciences. This makes Gothic an unusual mixture of a ghost town featuring cutting edge science.

The aspens, however, are unaware of the history or current status of the town. They simply grow, without any interference by man. Aspens respond to the changing of the seasons. When fall comes, they display their amazing autumn colors for all to see.

Another Colorado cabin with aspens

Ashcroft’s Window shows off more Colorado aspens.

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