Drive Animas


Drive Animas reminds us of the bygone days of Animas Forks, Colorado. Tucked into the San Juan Mountains, this former mining town was once a bustling community.


The ghost town of Animas Forks, Colorado. Once a bustling mining town with a population of about 450, these days it is considerably quieter. Drive Animas gives us a sense of the peace.

Like many of the Colorado mining towns, its history is storied but short, but unlike most of its brethren, it hasn’t completely faded away.

The buildings of Animas are well preserved.Today it is well preserved, and the remaining buildings stabilized. Its fade into oblivion has been arrested, allowing us a glimpse into the past.

Just up from the townsite on a road that is no more rest the remains of this old truck. We don’t know its exact story. But clearly, one day it simply stopped being a truck and starting bearing witness to days gone by.

It must have been quite a feat, driving these trucks on the mining roads, which are difficult even for today’s vehicles. Imagine, then, what it must have been like to take your truck up and over the passes.

Roads barely wide enough to fit a donkey, let alone a vehicle. Absolutely no maintenance. Grades over 10%. Drop offs of 2,000 feet, and sometimes to 3,000 feet. Yet, they did it. They drove trucks like these wherever they needed to go.

Today, then, it are relics like these that give us pause to stop and ponder the past and the brave souls who led the way.

Drive Animas!

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