Mears’ Embrace


Mears’ Embrace showcases the impressive Sam Juan mountain range in the Rocky Mountains. Mears Peak, a 14er, stands impressively in this photograph


The San Juan Mountains of Colorado are part of the storied Rocky Mountains. They have their fair share of 14ers, or peaks that are more than 14,000 feet tall, and more than their fair share of amazing vistas, as evidenced by Mears’ Embrace.

Mears’ Embrace showcases Mears Peak, although the peak itself is to the left in this photograph. I really liked how the mountains, are “embracing” the small hill full of fall colors in every hue.

The stand of aspens is the highlight. But, the scrub oaks weigh in with their deep, rusty reds that add the perfect counterpoint to the aspen’s gold.

The evergreens have their say, too, making for a variety of colors on the hill. The storm clouds playing above the mountains add a touch of drama to the scene. But, the blue skies behind let us know that the storm isn’t very serious this afternoon.

Soon enough, of course, the autumn leaves will fall as the breezes whisk them off the trees, and  the light snows on the mountains will turn to deep, heavy snows. Before long the San Juans will feel the full wrath of winter.

Still, they are strong mountains and will endure it as they always do. The hill will green up in the spring, and next fall will return in all its glory when the show repeats. Until then, Mears Peak stands guard over its smaller brother, keeping the hill safe and secure. And, we have Mears’ Embrace to remind us of the impressive display the mountains put on for us.

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