Ashcroft’s Window


Aspens glow through the window of the old hotel in Ashcroft, Colorado. Ashcroft’s Window gives us a glimpse into the past of this storied hotel.


An old saying tells us that the eyes are the window to your soul. Perhaps, then, this window in the ghost town of Ashcroft, Colorado, is the window to it’s soul as well?

The window is in Ashcroft’s hotel and today looks out over a beautiful, though young yet, aspen grove and the mountains beyond. The bay window must have been magnificent back in the day, and looking out of it, you can feel the folks from its past looking out with you.

As I gaze through the window, I see not only today but yesterday as well. I can easily imagine that I am staying at the hotel on a fall day; the air is getting decidedly crisper these days, and the nights are downright chilly.

Outside, the street is busy today, for the wonderful blue skies won’t last too much longer before giving way to winter’s cold embrace. People are tending to the last of the summer chores. The miner’s are preparing to wrap up until spring makes its appearance.

Off in the distance, children are laughing and playing with the wild abandon that children are known for.

I stepped outside into the fall day. The echoes of the past still ringing loudly in my ears and in my soul. Ashcroft’s Window reminds me of that day.

More aspens near Ashcroft

Aspen Sun is close to Ashcroft. There’s something amazing about the sun streaming through aspen trees.

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