Dawnting Shadows


Dawnting Shadows tells the story of the first moment of dawn. The sun breaks the horizon and streams through the trees in the winter fairyland.


Dawn, and Dawnting Shadows.

A time when the rising sun renews the world’s energy. A time when the cobwebs of the night hide in their corners. A time when the new day stretches its wings to greet the sun.

But this is, too, a time of magic. It is a time when the dawn’s shadows still loom large and unvanquished. It is a time when the balance of the day is unknown. Sometimes, the shadows are reluctant to give up their hold, and take extra effort to remove.

It was a brutal struggle for the sun today, for it had not only the deep shadows below it to contend with but also some stray clouds above it–the battle raged on all fronts. It wasn’t but a few moments after this was taken, however, that the sun rose victorious into a clear blue sky, shining brightly upon a shadowless land.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum