Throne’s Glory – Alien Throne Hanging Canvas


Behold the glory of the Milky Way and gas giants Jupiter and Saturn with the Alien Throne hanging canvas!

This beautiful hanging canvas of Throne’s Glory is a perfect accent piece and is ready to hang. Printed on canvas for a durable and timeless look. Furthermore, it comes with a black top and bottom and the includes a matching rope.


The Alien Throne hanging canvas brings the desert to you. Enjoy the beauty and majesty of New Mexico’s Ah-Shi-Sla-Pah Wilderness Study Area at night with Throne’s Glory. Alien’s Throne shares thy sky with the Milky Way, Jupiter and Saturn! Rising above all the other hoodoos, this majestic rock rises to greet the sky.

This incredible hanging canvas is ready to adorn your wall. Printed on canvas, it is quite durable and sports timeless look. Also, Throne’s Glory comes complete with a magnetic hanger and matching cord, and is a breeze to hang.

The Ah-Shi-Sla-Pah Wilderness Study Area is located in the heart of New Mexico. Once you find your way down the gravel roads and unmarked paths through the desert, you still have over a mile of hiking through the trail-less desert to reach the hoodoos. The stone hoodoos jumble and twist together. Further, each is more picturesque than the rest. Nestled in the middle of these is Alien’s Throne.

Throne’s Glory brings together the Milky Way and a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, a rare and stunning astronomical event. The brightness of the stars is outdone only by the two large gas planets, making the perfect backdrop for this king of all hoodoos. Indeed, the Alien Throne hanging canvas delights you every time you look at it.

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12×18 inch

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