Fossil Forest


New Mexico’s Fossil Forest presents an incredible landscape. Additionally, sizes and prices are recommendations only. Please contact me if you would like a custom size.


Beauty and wonder often hide in unexpected places, and New Mexico’s Fossil Forest Resource Natural Area is no exception. This desert wonderland has fossils, hoodoos, and spectacular landscapes, although it is relatively unknown.

Like its far more famous cousin, the Bisti Wilderness, Fossil Forest is a dry, desolate place. And, like the Bisti, 65 million years ago was very different. Then, it was a lush, green forest with tall trees and abundant flora and fauna. How do we know this? Fossils, and plenty of them. Fossil Forest has significant finds, including a stegosaur with a seven-foot-long head. 

Paleontologists worked in this area in the 1920s and the 1970s. Since then, this small patch of land has been set aside and protected as a natural area and, for the most part, forgotten. But, beyond the fossils, it also contains hoodoos and makes for a fantastic desert landscape. 

Regardless, this scene is my favorite from the area. I love how the desert colors come to life, and a small ravine pulls us into the scene. The clouds above bring rain, and Fossil Forest celebrates New Mexico’s badlands. 

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