Salmon Harbor

Salmon Harbor


Aluminum photographs have finished sides for a polished and stunning look, and are ready to hang. Each one glistens with an inner light and will look incredible.

Matted photographs utilize metallic paper, providing vibrant colors with incredible depth. Each comes with double mats and is ready for framing.

Each photograph is custom made when ordered. Please allow adequate time for them to be created just for you.

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Photograph Story

Morning arrived, although the harbor didn’t notice. Thick, blanketing fog enveloped Salmon Harbor near Winchester Bay, Oregon, entombing it in a thick, velvety mist that successfully hid the harbor from the morning. Even the morning tide was slow to head out, lingering there in comfort of the fog. The entire marina was calm, and no one stirred to break the spell. The result was an eerie morning, filled with calmness and tranquility.

I stood there along the docks and among the boats transfixed by the scene before me. The fog, which admittedly had been pesky for me lately, thinned itself just long enough to show me Salmon Harbor. The fishing boats floated gently on the calm waters, although they would be heading out to the open waters of the Pacific Ocean before too long. Behind the marina, the fog revealed, barely, tall pine trees of the coastline, but at the same time hid the rest of them from my view. Overall, this was the perfect setting for me.

The overall effect came together as Salmon Harbor, perfectly captured and preserving the moment. Shortly after this photograph was made the fog thickened and stole the view,

Soon after that, the marina came alive as the captains and crew readied the boats for their journies. The clang of hatches and the squeal of winches broke the silence and the spell. Shouts and calls across the water filled the air, and the diesel engines roared to life. One by one the boats pulled away from their moorings as they headed into the Pacific. I stayed there and watched until the last one departed, leaving the marina empty. It would be a while before the boats returned, hopefully, full with their catch. Salmon Harbor will be there waiting for them to return.



Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


12×24, 20×40, 5×10