Antelope’s Light


Aluminum photographs have finished sides for a polished and stunning look, and are ready to hang. Each one glistens with an inner light and will look incredible.

Matted photographs utilize metallic paper, providing vibrant colors with incredible depth. Each comes with double mats and is ready for framing.

Each photograph is custom made when ordered. Please allow adequate time for them to be created just for you.



Antelope Canyon is a classic red rock slot canyon, and, along the way, just happens to be extraordinarily dramatic.

The drama is a result of the confluence of many different factors, each incredible in its own right. The combination almost overwhelms the senses. There is, of course, the texture of the walls themselves, providing the foundation for what follows. Carved over the centuries and eons by wind and water, the lines and swirls make an arresting display. Their sinewy lines snake through the canyon, drawing the eye along with them through the twists and turns back, back into the deep recesses of a world that surely must lay beyond. Being made of sandstone, they hold, yet also reflect the light, causing a wide range of colors, most of them completely impossible.

From the “normal” color of brown to the highlighted oranges that blend smoothly into yellows, to the oranges that blend smoothly into the reds and beyond, the colors vary wherever you look. As the sun moves overhead, the colors change, providing a constantly changing scene before you.

And if that’s not enough… at a certain time of the year, the sun is in the perfect position overhead to shine directly onto the canyon floor. The top, however, is so narrow and the sides so convoluted that the sun rarely makes it all the way to the very bottom–the surreal light beams represent those rare places. Their overwhelming intensity turns them into literal beams of light that pierce the gloom with their bright light, striking the floor in a splash of pure, white light. They last mere moments, though, and they move before your very eyes, so the spectacle of the light beams is a short one.

Wherever you look the light of Antelope Canyon is beyond description, ever-changing, and impossibly beautiful.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


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