Hackberry’s T


In Hackberry’s T, a Model-T waits for its day to shine again outside the Hackberry Station in Arizona on Route 66. Perhaps it will be on the road again soon


Route 66 wends its way through communities large and small. The larger ones such as Saint Louis, are full of story and legend. The smaller ones, however, seldom have much to distinguish them and many have faded away into the mists of time.

Hackberry, in Arizona, is one of the smaller communities serving the route’s travelers. It hasn’t faded away though, thanks in no small part to Hackberry’s T, a famous Model T in a perfect, picturesque setting.

Hackberry is a small community that has always had a hard go of it. Initially a small mining community, it became a virtual ghost town by 1890 and remained obscure until the 1930s, when the Northside Grocery opened along the newly created Route 66.

Serving locals and travelers alike, the store, and it’s filling station, quickly became a must-stop location. A quick fill up, a quick snack and you were back on the road. But, even at that, Hackberry, aside from being a convenient stopping place, never grew any more substantial.

Today, next to the store an old Model T waits patiently to cruise the highway again. In the meantime, the elements have not been kind to it. This particular scene is quite famous and is often used to represent Route 66 in Arizona. Hackberry’s T is an iconic Route 66 photograph.

And even today, travelers still stop at Hackberry. The store is thriving and full of Route 66 souvenirs and memorabilia. Often, you need to wait in a small line to complete your purchase, but that’s OK. It gives you more time to glance around. There are so many Route 66 items here that it is nearly impossible to see them all.

Cruisin’ on 66 to Hackberry’s T

The next time you are cruising down Route 66, be sure to stop and see Hackberry’s T! You’ll be more than glad that you made the stop.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


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