Eagle Post


A bald eagle perches on an old post surveying its domain with a keen eye just outside of Juneau, Alaska.


One moment, the old post stood empty and abandoned. The next moment, the bald eagle perched there, creating Eagle Post, as if he had always been there. Maybe he had, and I missed him when I first looked at the post. He sat there, still as could be, save for his head. His eyes swiveled every which way to take in all of his surroundings. His sharp eyes miss nothing.

This post is outside of Juneau, Alaska, along a waterway. It is impossible to tell what it once held up, for it is the only post around. But this eagle knows right where it is, and from the looks of things, this is one of his regular perches. He continued to sit there, taking it all in. His eyes, though, are in constant motion.

He is well aware of me as I quietly creep a little closer for a better photograph. The closer I can get the better the photograph Eagle Post will be, so I take care in this. I frequently stop being careful not startle him, but maybe he has seen humans before. He takes note of me, but nothing more. He continues to scan all around him.

I continue this for what seems like an eternity, but in reality, it wasn’t very long. I am careful, because I don’t want to negatively affect wildlife, and nor do I want to miss the opportunity for an incredible photograph. It takes time, effort, and patience in these situations, and being hasty will not provide optimum results. I continue my slow and gentle creep forward.

I look down to be sure of my footing, and when I look up, the post is empty again. I wonder if there ever was an eagle there, but Eagle Post assures me there was.

Another Intense Eagle

Eagle Post isn’t the only bald eagle photograph from Juneau! Intense Eagle showcases a bald eagle in perfect repose.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


12×18, 20×30, 8×10