Voyaging Eagle


A bald eagle soars high above, wings spread, surveying its land below.


The bald eagle—the symbol of America—is a magnificent bird. Strong, proud, a fierce hunter, the bald eagle is a well-chosen symbol, and we never tire of watching them. Voyaging Eagle shows one of these extraordinary birds in mid-flight.

I’ve made a fair number of eagle photographs, but Voyaging Eagle is one of my all-time favorites. I love the almost featureless sky; the early morning sun lit the eagle, but little else, making an ideal backdrop. The eagle was hunting, looking for its next.

The eagle spotted a fish below and spread its wings wide in a graceful turn to begin its dive. The eagle’s attention was entirely focused on the fish below, allowing me a perfect opportunity for this photograph.

I watched the eagle throughout the morning, as it continuously dove, then headed skyward again, but this one moment remains my favorite, not only from that day, but of all time.

The bald eagle is indeed a well-chosen symbol of our great country.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


30×45, 12×18, 20×30, 8×10