Genuine 66®

Route 66

The highway lies before us, the open road headed out of Chicago and into the countryside beyond. In just 2,448 miles we’ll reach Santa Monica and the end of the road. In between here and there, though, the Mother Road is full of adventure and iconic places. We’ll visit all the famous places and so many more that are far less known. These Genuine 66® photographs bring to life some of the sights we’ll find.

As we cruise Route 66 in style, we’ll explore its byways and lessor known alignments. We’ll watch the neon signs light up the night as they lure us with their bright colors. Together, our journey will be one for the ages, the top of our car down, wind in our hair and not a worry in sight.

What makes a photograph a Genuine 66® photograph?

Every Genuine 66® photograph was made on the Mother Road. Not in the same town, or nearby, or down a side street, but on Route 66 itself. My feet were standing on Route 66, or at a place that itself is on Route 66. These sights are authentic and genuine—the are the real deal.

It’s not that there aren’t amazing photographs just off of Route 66. There are. Plenty of them, in fact. But these photographs are all Genuine 66®.

Why so few photographs? Are these it?

No, there are more! Lots more. New photographs will be added here regularly, up to one a week. Be sure to visit here often. And if you can’t wait, you can request a favorite scene from me. I’ll bet I have it.

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Route 66

Love to read?

Then you’ll love Route 66! Thoroughly researched and photographed with love, this book will take you from Chicago to Santa Monica. We’ll see the iconic sights and we’ll learn about a few lessor-known ones as well. Also, Route 66 looks awesome on your coffee table and makes a great gift.