Yosemite’s Treasures

Spring is an incredible, magical time of the year. The trees are waking up from their long winter’s nap and spreading new leaves with vim and vigor. Birds are displaying their best plumage in hopes of attracting the perfect mate. Flowers begin to spring up and bloom, eager to participate in the bright sunny days ahead. And in Yosemite National Park, California, the waterfalls are roaring, full of newfound run-off, echoing and booming throughout the storied valley. Yosemite’s Treasures is a collection of four of my favorite Yosemite photographs to celebrate this famed park.

Yosemite's Treasures: Yosemite View

When we think of Yosemite, we almost without fail think of Yosemite Falls, one of the star attractions of the park. These falls, which tumble over two thousand feet into the lush valley below, are at their peak in the spring. Fed by Yosemite Creek, the echo of the falls is a constant background sound, ebbing and flowing for reasons all its own. Standing across the Merced River, on the other side of they valley, gives us a Yosemite View, a classic view of this iconic waterfall. Interestingly, although the Merced River looks calm and serene here, it is a mighty river in its right, and there is a significant current. As the river traverses the park and the valley, it picks up more tributaries and creeks, such as Yosemite Creek, on its long journey to the Pacific. We’ll revisit the Merced in at the end of Yosemite’s Treasures.

Yosemite's Treasures: Cathedral View

A little further along the valley, just across from El Capitan, one can find the Cathedral Rocks, an impressive grouping of rocks and spires. In spring, small seasonal ponds sometimes form, such as this one, which gives us the equally impressive Cathedral View. As spring turns to summer and the summer wears long, this small pond will quickly dry up, along with some of the waterfalls themselves, and scenes such Cathedral View quietly disappear.

Yosemite's Treasures: Lupine's Day

Still further along the valley, well past the towering granite cliffs, we find the setting for Lupine’s Day. The lupine grows throughout the region, and this grouping, coupled with the absolute perfect clouds, combine to make this stunning photograph.

As is turned out, I was not the only one interested in the flowers. As I was making Lupine’s Day, the bees were busy weaving in and out of the flowers, meaning I was busy weaving in and out of their way, lest they take too much of interest in me. I was equally invested in creating the photograph as I was not being stung, making quite an exciting dance amongst us all. In the end, I came away sting-free–whew!

Yosemite's Treasures: Stormy Valley

Finally, as promised, we return again to the Merced River. Beautiful, sunny days in Yosemite make for fantastic photography, but so do the storms that notoriously roll through the valley. Stormy Valley is one of those moments. I like the contrast of the lush green grass, the flowing river, and Bridalveil Falls against the stormy skies above. There’s something powerful and dramatic about the contrast, and it draws me in time and time again.

Yosemite National Park is full of wonders, small and large, and it was hard for me to settle on just a few images. Rest assured, for more stories await us there!

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