Llano’s Tree


A lone oak tree is surrounded by bluebonnets and indian paintbrush in this field near Llano, Texas. Llano’s Tree represents some of the best of Texas Hill Country.


Llano, Texas is a quaint Hill Country, Texas, town. It is small, quiet, beyond friendly, full of history and forgotten treasures, and one of those places you cannot wait to get back to if you are unfortunate enough to have to leave. In the spring, it also has bluebonnets. And importantly, it has Llano’s Tree.

The bluebonnets grow everywhere, from alongside the road to covering entire fields. Everywhere you look, literally, everywhere you look, you will see bluebonnets, and taken as a whole, the effect is impressive. As you drive down the country roads, you see hill after hill, mile after mile, of colorful roadsides.

Despite this overwhelming scenery, the above vignette struck a deep chord in me. There, alone among the field of flowers, the tree stood tall, providing a stellar background to the bluebonnets before it. The low morning sun lit the area up perfectly, and the wisps of clouds broke up the sky. How could I not make a photograph here?

Eventually, the flowers will fade away, and the farmer will plow the field. In the meantime, though, we have Llano’s Tree: the perfect moment in time.

Llano is in Texas Hill Country

Finally, Flower Rails is in Hill Country, too.

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