Fiery House


Ancient ruins light up as if on fire in Fiery House in Utha’s Bears Ears National Monument. The effect is mesmorizing.


The ancient ones have moved on, but their legacy in Bears Ears National Monument, Utah, remains, even to this day. The Ancient Pueblo People were accomplished builders and what they built tends to last. Fiery House is a simple structure that creates a powerful image.

The builders selected their sites carefully, used the best materials they had available, and built with precision and care. They also built what they needed, no more and no less. This trait that helps their buildings withstand the forces of time.

This small granary, or perhaps dwelling, is located in Mule Canyon. At first glance, there is little to distinguish it from the countless other buildings tucked into the canyon walls. There is a bit of light magic that happens here, though, and whether by coincidence or design it is impossible to say.

As the sun rises and light reflects throughout the canyon, this ruin lights up. It is easy to see why it has earned the moniker “House on Fire.”

It is good to reflect upon the time that was, and the people that built and used this building. They had a hard life by today’s standards, yet, they not only survived by thrived, as a people and as a culture.

We should do so well, and hopefully, those who come long after us remember us. We don’t know what our ruins will be like, but hopefully they are symbols and signs representing the best we have to offer, just as this ruin is.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


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