Ever Onward


Adventure across America and into the sky


Ever Onward continues the adventures of photographer and author David Schneider, taking you to dozens of picturesque places in America. And if oceans, deserts, national parks, frozen wildernesses, tornados and antiquities aren’t fascinating enough, you will also visit other galaxies as well. Ever Onward is a rollicking adventure that will make you gasp, laugh and wonder, all while enjoying exquisite photographs from across America.

Ever Onward is David Schneider’s fourth book and continues the storytelling tradition of Sojournic Tales and Unbounded Chronicles. David invites you along for the adventure and takes you behind the scenes of some of his most iconic photographs. You’ll have a front-row seat and glean inside information, all while enjoying David’s light, yet informative, storytelling style.

Ever Onward is the perfect companion to his other works, Sojournic Tales, Unbounded Chronicles and Route 66. Together, they make your coffee table, home or office look incredible and provide hours upon hours of enjoyment.

The softcover version is perfect-bound, and will last a lifetime, and is printed in premium color on heavy-weight paper. The hardcover version has the same premium color and heavy-weight paper, plus a beautiful and sturdy high-gloss cover.

148 pages, Full Color 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches

Available in Hard and Soft Covers

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