Wormsloe’s Lane


Wormsloe’s Lane leads us to the Wormsloe Plantation just outside of Savannah, Georgia. The lane is lined by moss covered live oak making a grand entrance.


The tale of America is one of heroic men and women, some well known and some less so. Some achieved greatness at a national level, while others, like Noble Jones, achieved it at a regional level. Wormsloe’s Lane is a testament to his legacy.

His accomplishments were no less impressive, though! Noble Jones arrived from England to settle Georgia. He was a decent, hardworking man who sought to improve the lives of everyone around him. When Noble didn’t know how to do something, he learned it.

When he couldn’t learn it, he invented it. He even laid out the city of Savannah, Georgia, and did a masterful job with that. Eventually, his time to slow down came, and he built the Wormsloe Plantation outside of Savannah where he spent every day there he could.

The plantation was opulent by any standard, yesterday or today. But what makes it stand out is the front entrance, or more precisely, the lane leading away from the front entrance. It is just a simple, graveled track leading away toward the plantation’s structures.

The live oaks, draped in Spanish moss, however, transforms this meager lane into an enchanting passageway of mystery and wonder, leading you ever deeper into the secrets of the plantation.

Noble Jones gave us Savannah. He also gave us this fabulous lane.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


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