Mesa Fog


The fog has settled into the valley in Mesa Fog. Fall in Grand Mesa, Colorado, is a spectacular time and place to see the aspens change colors.


Grand Mesa, Colorado isn’t a place as much as it is an area, or maybe a Scenic Byway. Sometimes, it is hard to tell the difference, but really, it doesn’t matter much what it is. Although it is a mesa it is filled with small lakes and ponds of all sizes, providing plenty of surprises. Mesa Fog is one of those surprises.

Usually, these lakes are bright blue, reflecting the sunny skies far above, or perhaps, in deep winter, they completely freeze over. Other times, however, they take on a completely different character, such as this small pond.

The day saw the first snow of the season up at the top reaches, but down the slopes, it was part snow and part rain. Just as the snow, such as it was, eased off, the fog began to roll in and cover the land.

As I stood there, watching, a winter scene slowly began to transform into a magical, mystical one. I loved how the fog added an air of mystery to the distance. Now I did not know what lie beyond. Foot by foot the fog rolled in, covering all that it touched.

And in the process, it created this beautiful scene somewhere between fall and winter.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum