Glade’s Mill


The picturesque setting of Babbock State Park in West Virginia lends itself to Glade’s Mill, a photograph of Glade Creek Mill


Glade Creek Grist Mill in West Virginia is one of those incredible places that can transport you from the hustle and bustle of the modern day world to a different time entirely. As you stand there, you can feel yourself fall effortlessly back into the late 1800s. And, it is quite easy to imagine that era.

The clear, crisp autumn day has been a little bit warmer than the previous ones; a welcome, though brief, respite from the encroachment of winter. The farmer brings his wagon to a halt at the mill; his horses, having hauled a load of fresh grain from field to the mill are more than happy to oblige.

The farmer greets the miller, and the old friends catch up on the local news and events. These trips provide for more than just milling. Eventually, they get to the task at hand, the actual milling itself, although while doing that they continue to catch up and talk as old friends do.

Despite the hard work, many hands make it easier, and they put their backs into it willingly. As the sluice is opened, the water flows over the water wheel and the milling stones grind against each other. Grain is slowly turned into the much needed flour.

The farmer can already taste tonight’s fresh-backed bread–so can the miller, for his payment is a portion of the flour. Works load the flour onto the wagon. Once again the horse and farmer start the short journey back to the farm. The forest quickly swallows them up, and the mill’s stands silent until the next load comes its way.

Glade’s Mill Today

Today, the mill stands there, testimony to a time past. It provides us a with a bridge to that past, and helps us remember the those times and stories. Glade’s Mill connects us to that time.

Another view of the area

Bridging Autumn is also in Babcock State Park, and makes an incredible companion piece. And Fall’s Display sports incredible autumn colors.

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