Fox Curl


This male fox is curled up while he watches me make the photograph Fox Curl in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming on a cold winter day.


There is something that grabs our attention when a red fox is concerned. A fox going about its day is always an exciting experience to see. Watching one in nature is a moment I’ll  never forget. But even red foxes rest every now and then, as this male is doing. And that was a very good thing for me.

I encountered this red fox in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming one January morning. It was a chilly, overcast morning, but the sun was just beginning to peek out from the clouds above. Those of us out and about took a few moments to rejoice in the newfound, and quite welcome, warmth.

The fox, which had been hunting, decided to curl up for a few moments. It spotted me, but since I was doing nothing more than keeping a good distance, decided that I was not a concern. It just lazily watched me as I was watching him, and the two of us were in no hurry.

After a little while, he decided it was time to get back to his day again. He got up, stretched, stretched again, and slowly resumed the task of hunting for his breakfast. I watched him a while longer, and he glanced over at me now and again. We parted ways after that, but Fox Curl is a moment I treasure.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


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