Online Gallery

I’m excited to announce that my new online gallery is now available on the Virtual Galley page! This virtual gallery lets you tour and view selections of my work from, well, anywhere. The virtual gallery is an exciting way to discover and browse my photography, and it is just like being there in person.

Online Gallery

I’ve carefully selected some of my favorite pieces to showcase in the online gallery, organized into four wings: Adventure, History, Journey, and Route 66. Once inside the wing, you move around however you like, and there will always be another stunning photograph around the next corner. You can come back to the lobby to select a different wing.

Each piece has a title card, and some title cards are clickable. Clicking cards outlined in blue take you to the piece’s web page, where you can view more details, read the story, and purchase it. As for the others? Those are from my archives! I’ve dug deep in the digital cellar to find some of my favorite scenes that I want to share with you.

Online Gallery

Moving around is simple. If you are on a keyboard, use the arrow keys, and if you are on a touch screen, your finger moves you around. Click or tap the title card for more information. There are options at the bottom that let you customize how the gallery will work for you.


I want to thank my friends at Galeryst for helping me bring my online gallery to you. Galeryst is, well, nothing short of fantastic. They are a small team dedicated to making sure your work stands out, Galeryst is incredibly flexible and super customizable. You will be delighted with the results. If you’re an artist, I encourage you to give them a try. Be sure to head over to their featured galleries page to check out some of the other artists!

Let’s dive into the online gallery: the doors are open, and adventure, history, journies, and Route 66 awaits.