Zion Serenity

The mild November day was still and calm, a welcome change from the colder temperatures of the previous days. All too soon winter would come barreling in and steal the warmth away, making this day all that much sweeter to enjoy.

The Virgin River flowed serenely through the canyon in Zion National Park, Utah, blissfully unaware of the changes that would come. Or perhaps not, for the river would flow through the deep of the winter as well. The cottonwoods lining the bank were enjoying the moment, and their fall colors glowed all that much brighter in celebration of the day. As the sun rose higher into the morning sky, the canyon walls lit up with their own joy, adding even more life to an already extraordinary scene.

I stood there, drinking it all in, enjoying the moment at hand. It was beyond peaceful; the summer crowds had long since departed, and it seemed that the entire park was mine alone. For all practical purposes, it was. The stillness of the morning was broken only by a deer foraging with her baby; we looked at each other, then they moved on in their leisurely way. The sun continued its journey into the sky, the river flowed on, and the day was, all in all, incredibly serene.

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