Valley Monuments

Valley Monuments

The desert Southwest calls me, it’s siren song whispering to all that I am. No matter how hard I try to stay away, time and again I am drawn into the depths of the Southwest, where I always find the peace and solace that I hold so dear. There is something about the shifting sands, monument after monument swallowing the landscape, and azure skies that resonates deeply within. Needless to say, I spend quite a lot of time looking for exactly these places.

One of my favorite haunts is Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation. However, just north of Monument Valley lies another extraordinary area: Valley of the Gods. This valley is where Road Canyon (Road Canyon just happens be where the Fallen Roof ruin is) exits Cedar Mesa and opens back up into the desert. As the canyon falls away, monuments, the tall, red rock buttes and spires that dominate the landscape, take over, standing tall and proud, piecing the very sky. These buttes are impressive from far away; up close their size overwhelms your senses. As you continue south a few miles, the landscape gives way to Monument Valley proper. Here, you are free to wander the fantastic landscape at will. A dirt road cuts through the valley, making it possible to quickly delve deep into it. From the road, you can start your own journey on foot, and given how few visit the valley, you’ll quickly find utter and complete solitude. The deeper you go, the quieter it is as the routine civilized world is left behind. As always, you need to be aware that you are in a harsh, unforgiving environment. The desert doesn’t tolerate those who feel they are immune to it, and the ill-prepared quickly find out that the desert doesn’t give second chances. Still, to have the privilege of wandering right up to the base of these extraordinary monuments is well worth it. Touching walls of sandstone that tower one thousand feet, or more, over your head, perfectly perpendicular, is a profound experience.

There is something very pristine about this known, but little traveled, area. The landscape remains pure and just as it has been forever. Traces of humans remain here, but very few. Overlooked by most, this area is exactly the kind of place that I seek.

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