Unbounded Chronicles

Unbounded Chronicles

Today I am pleased to announce my newest book, Unbounded Chronicles!

Unbounded Chronicles follows the same format as my previous book, Sojournic Tales. However, this time I go much deeper into the stories behind the photographs, and Unbounded Chronicles takes you on a visual adventure of a lifetime. There is a constant narrative throughout the book, making it a single long adventure.

Unbounded Chronicles takes you behind the scenes of some of my all-time favorite photographs. Join me for a harrowing ride up to the top of a mesa above Monument Valley, and an adventure out to the edges of Lake Powell in which the road behind me disappeared under water. We’ll witness new-born life enter this world and make its first perilous journey. Together we’ll ride the rails of yesterday and we’ll explore our past. True to the moniker “unbounded”, Unbounded Chronicles escapes the Southwest and we venture from coast to coast, exploring some amazing scenes from both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. We’ll roam the deserts as free spirits, and learn what it means to be a wild mustang. We’ll explore the history of some iconic American grist mills, and we’ll spend some time getting to know some of my favorite birds. In short, Unbounded Chronicles is a wild ride which will tickle your fancy and soothe your soul.

Unbounded Chronicles is available in both hard and soft cover editions. The hard cover features a beautiful glossy cover and is printed in premium color on heavy-weight paper. The soft cover version features a brilliant cover and is printed using the same premium color and heavy-weight paper.

In addition, Sojournic Tales has been released as a regular hard cover edition which perfectly compliments Unbounded Chronicles.

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