Spouting Rock: A wonder above Hanging Lake

Spouting RockHanging Lake near Glenwood Springs, Colorado is a very small lake which “hangs” high above the canyon floor. Its waters are cool and crystal clear, and in 2012 it was designated as one of our nation’s National Natural Landmarks, thus permanently preserving its pristine beauty. As beautiful as Hanging Lake is, the area just above the lake is equally beautiful, yet seldom visited. It is here Spouting Rock is found.

Spouting Rock is just a hundred yards or so above Hanging Lake, and it is aptly named. After all, how often do you see rocks that spout water? Dead Horse Creek falls into the rocks above this waterfall and reemerges partway down the rock face, creating the namesake waterfall. This natural sight is simply incredible, and it is easy to get lost in scene as the water endlessly cascades toward you, past you, and subsequently falls into Hanging Lake.

Just as the water endlessly flows from the rock, time flows quickly here. Perhaps it is because there is an incredible sense of calm and tranquility throughout this area, perhaps it is something else entirely. Whatever it is, though, the time slips away with the water, but that’s OK. You barely notice it, and even if you do decide it is time to leave, that proves to be harder than might be suspected.

Nature is amazing, and full of surprises. After all, who would expect a waterfall exists over one thousand feet above the floor of the canyon? Yet, the wonder awaits for those who hike up to, and beyond, Hanging Lake. Finding the willpower to leave, though, is a problem you will have to solve for yourself. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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