Wave Way


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Deep in the Paria Wilderness lies The Wave. There are no roads there. The trail isn’t so much a trail as a general direction. The maps? Well, those would hardly be considered a map. Yet, The Wave is there, waiting, beckoning, the destination.

This shows the general area of, and including, The Wave, and shows a bit of the approach from Wire Pass Trailhead (a common way there). Although the trail is not overly difficult, it is on the longer side, especially in the trackless and unforgiving desert. Traversing sliprock and sandy slopes, the traveler comes into The Wave area through a small cut in the rock, and suddenly finds themselves in the middle of The Wave itself. Continuing upward through it brings you to this spot and this scenic overlook.

The tortured sandstone is throughout the entire area; the lines and swirls are dizzying to the eye and taken all together form an incredible scene; the red of the rock and the blue of the sky makes for an absolutely classic Southwestern look.

But wherever you look, beauty is all around on the way to The Wave.

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