Proud Raven


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“Once upon a daytime bright, while I pondered strength and joy.” That was the original version, actually, but it was a little too upbeat. Looking for darker inspiration, Edgar happened upon a raven, and then… then the rest has been immortalized ever since.

Don’t let anyone fool you. Poe knew exactly what he was talking about when he wrote The Raven in 1845. Oh, he knew alright.

Ravens are bright. They are clever. And they are intelligent. They can solve problems. And they have this…look… such that one just knows that they are thinking very deep thoughts. Oh sure, they’re black, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t colorful, as this particular raven can attest. Posing absolutely perfectly against a bright Indian blanket, the contrast between the two could not be more pronounced. Come to think of it, one might also wonder just who was doing the posing here?

Quoth the Raven: “Once more.”

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