Osprey Flight


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It is faster than a speeding bullet. It is able to leap, er, fly over tall buildings in a single bound. It’s a bird. It’s a… wait. Actually, it is a raptor–an osprey. And you might reasonably consider it a Superman of the animal kingdom.

This raptor lives in Yellowstone National Park. These are large animals, with wings that can reach over 70” from tip to tip. It’s diet consists of mainly fish (leading to the name “fish eagle” among some); that in turns means it nests near freshwater rivers and lakes. It is an excellent hunter.

Osprey are unusual in that there is a single, worldwide species. For a while, it looked like this magnificent raptor was in trouble, and the population was steadily dwindling. Luckily, conversation efforts have proved successful, and today it is stable. This is especially true in Yellowstone, where there was quite a bit of concern, but like the rest of the world, the osprey population is once again stable and out of danger.

This fine specimen continued its flight. Its powerful wings carried it up the small stream and onward in its hunt.

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