Kestrel Takeoff


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She took once last glance, slowly readied her wings, and then, in a burst that the eye simply cannot follow, she is gone. The female Kestrel had spotted her prey, adjusted her timing and was off on the hunt. Dinner would be hers soon.

The Kestrel is not the largest bird around–in fact, they are actually very small, and very common. Still, their size utterly belies their skill, for they are very accomplished hunters. They are falcons, through and through and that makes them a raptor as well. Spreading through the entirety of North America, they have little preference as to where they live. City or farmland: either way, they are comfortable there.

They play an important role, as well. Their primary diet consists of insects in the summer, switching to small mammals in the winter months. They keep the insect population well under control, providing the ever essential check and balance. Hunting from a perch, they look much like a songbird–but of course, they are not.

Rising high into the air, then plunging down like a brown streak, her hunt was successful.

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