Delicate Panorama


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It is doubtful that no other arch is as famous or widely known as Delicate Arch. Images of it exist absolutely everywhere from books (ahem), to posters, to postage stamps and of course the state of Utah’s license plate. Still, that amount of exposure doesn’t lesson the sheer beauty of this arch, and if anything, enhances it.

Standing 52 feet tall, this arch is neither small nor particularly delicate. It will, one day, collapse as all arches must do sooner or later, for time and more precisely, erosion cares not for the names and fame, and erases all equally. Until, then, however, this arch stands as a monument and symbol of arches everywhere.

Located in Arches National Park (and, interestingly, Delicate Arch was not even in the original boundaries of Arches National Monument; it was added only after the monument expanded in 1938. For the curious, it became a park in 1971.), Delicate Arch has become the sign and symbol of the park, and for arches everywhere.

Even a somewhat overcast day cannot eclipse its grandeur and majesty!

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