Cloudy Crane


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Sometimes, a picture (or so they say) represents 1,000 words. You see it and you instantly know the entire backstory, the story at hand, and have a reasonable chance of predicting the future. Sometimes, a picture gives you reason to think and ponder deep thoughts. Sometimes a picture simply makes you feel.

And then we have Cloudy Crane. This whimsical picture is just that… whimsical. A Sandhill Crane was caught when preparing to land at the Ladd S. Gordon Waterfowl Complex neat Socorro, New Mexico. Captured against the blue sky and cloud combination that looks more like it belongs in an animated show instead of a photo, the crane was spreading its wings wide, extending its flaps, er, feet, and gliding into a perfect landing.

Of course, one’s own imagination can easily finish the story here, providing whatever ending is fitting, of course. And one can fill in the backstory of the crane, if desired. Where was it? What was it doing this fine day? Why was it coming back in the middle of the day, instead of the end?

But in any event, or in any story, the cloudy crane provides the perfect backdrop.

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