Capilla’s Joy


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The day was at its end–it had been a long day, really, and moreover, a drab one. The storm clouds had scuttled endlessly through the sky, and the ground below had long given up seeing any bit of the sun. It had threatened to snow throughout the day, although sometimes it changed its mind and threatened to rain, instead. In the end, it bothered to do neither.

Now, to be fair, the sun had done its best. Here and there it found a break in the clouds and began to light, and warm, the earth below. But no sooner it did this than the clouds found the break and as quickly as possible closed ranks. The day would remain sunless, it was determined.

The sun, however, and Capilla Peak in New Mexico, had their way at last. Waiting until the clouds were preoccupied in the east, the sun snuck westward, as it does every day. At the very last moment it found the break and the opening it was looking for, and quickly dropped below the worst of the clouds. In that instant–and it was just an instant–the sun’s golden rays streamed over Capilla Peak, washing it in the most incredible colors I have ever seen. Golds and oranges, light rays and streaks, lit and glowed across the landscape, and Capilla Peak basked in the glory and the joy that was due the day.

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