Bighorn Look




She was giving me “The Look.”

It wasn’t my intention to get “The Look,” of course, but despite my efforts at hiding she noticed me off in the distance. The female bighorn sheep had been peacefully foraging on the mountainside just outside of Ouray, Colorado, and I had been quietly watching her for some time now. For whatever reason, she glanced up just as I made a motion, and that led to the present situation. I was a long ways off, so there wasn’t a problem here, but still. Getting “The Look” is just not what you want.

I was delighted to have encountered this bighorn, for it wasn’t so long ago that their population was in serious trouble. Luckily, through conversation efforts they have made a remarkable comeback. Today, they range through all of the Rocky Mountains, especially at the higher elevations, and seeing one, for me, is always a huge treat and thrill. There is something so majestic about these underrated animals.

After exchanging glances and sizing me up, she decided that I was OK after all. She turned her attention back to the hillside and we went our separate ways.

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