Antelope’s Grace




The canyon is at once small and infinite, all at the same time. It stretches on forever, yet “forever” is just a few hundred yards, if that. It is funny how time and space seem to distort within Antelope Canyon and as you journey deeper into it, you are really taking a journey into a wondrous and incredible place.

The light here is like no other and however you turn it changes constantly around you. Ranging from violets to red to orange to yellow, tinged with golds and other unnameable tones, it is spectacular beyond compare. Now and then, at certain times of the year, light beams punch down from up above, accenting the colors around them and blinding you, all at the same time. The sheer range of color and light intensity is beyond description.

In the canyon, too, your eyes can sometimes make out shapes and stories in the rock walls. Here, for example, you can “see” three faces on the right wall, looking at, and beholding the grace of the light beam near the left wall. A little bit of sand lights up and highlights the beam, and with a little bit more imagination you can “see” the face on the left wall, blowing the smoke into the cavern. Antelope Canyon is a place of imagination, light, and above all… graceful beauty.

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