Fresh Air. Physical Strain. Open Space.

Every photograph has a story behind it, although some photographs result from an adventure. These photographs are some of my favorite adventures. From the deep snow of an Alaskan winter to the trackless sands of the vast deserts, to the ever-dark skies of a moonless night to the solitude of a still morning, these photographs are sure to spark the spirit of adventure within you.

  • Intense Eagle
    Intense Eagle
  • Tornado Encounter
    Tornado Encounter
  • River's Aurora
    River's Aurora
  • Alligator Eyes
    Alligator Eyes
  • Valley Spirit
    Valley Spirit
  • Galactic Spill
    Galactic Spill
  • Oxbow Fall
    Oxbow Fall
  • Needles Strike
    Needle's Strike
  • Fox Curl
    Fox Curl
  • Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah's Night
    Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah's Night
  • Stallion Battle
    Stallion Battle
  • Teton Stronghold
    Teton Stronghold
  • Bosque Surreal
    Bosque Surreal
  • Snowy Elk
    Snowy Elk
  • Elk's Paradise
    Elk's Paradise
  • Valley Monuments
    Valley Monuments
  • Mystery Saucers
    Mystery Saucers
  • Desert Snow
    Desert Snow
  • Canyonic View
    Canyonic View
  • Wave Way
    Wave Way
  • Antelope's Window
    Antelope's Window


Ancient ruins. Evolving Landscapes. Uncovered artifacts.

History is far more than a course we took in our youth. History is where we came from and the footprints that those before us left behind for us to follow. History is ancient places and nearly forgotten peoples. History is living, breathing, even today, and woven into the fabric of our lives. These photographs bring our past to the here and now, and let us enjoy yesterday.

  • Palace Light
    Palace Light
  • Zephyr Emergence
  • Wormsloe's Lane
    Wormsloe's Lane
  • Winter's Cut
    Winter's Cut
  • Wildcat Crossing
    Wildcat Crossing
  • Fiery House
    Fiery House
  • Roundhouse Night
    Roundhouse Night
  • Glade's Mill
    Glade's Mill
  • Foggy Pier
    Foggy Pier
  • Flower Rails
    Flower Rails
  • Fallen Roof
    Fallen Roof
  • Ashcroft's Window
    Ashcroft's Window
  • Abo Night
    Abo Night
  • Abo Mask
    Abo Mask
  • Crystal's Repose
    Crystal's Repose
  • Stormy Mission
    Stormy Mission
  • Yesterday's Tower
    Yesterday's Tower
  • Casa Blanca
    Casa Blanca
  • Drive Animas
    Drive Animas
  • Yesteryear's Mill
    Yesteryear's Mill
  • HooDoo Sunrise
    HooDoo Sunrise


Extensive Travel. Celestial Imagery. Soaring Vistas.

Each journey takes us to a new and perhaps unexpected destination, be it a short one or a long and arduous one. These photographs represent my journies. Each journey has imprinted itself on me, and make me who I am today. Travel with me and explore the world around us and experience the joy of the journey.

  • Headed Down
    Headed Down
  • Carina Nebula
    Carina Nebula
  • Wolf Moon
    Wolf Moon
  • Season's End
    Season's End
  • McClure's Aspens
    McClure's Aspens
  • M31 Andromeda
    M31 Andromeda
  • Follow Me
    Follow Me
  • Classic Wave
    Classic Wave
  • Arriving Thurmond
    Arriving Thurmond
  • Llano's Tree
  • NGC7000 Closeup
  • Crane Serenity
    Crane Serenity
  • Bison Walk
    Bison Walk
  • Silhouette Bear
    Silhouette Bear
  • Bighorn Flock
    Bighorn Flock
  • Bridging Autumn
    Bridging Autumn
  • Mesa Fog
    Mesa Fog
  • Crystal Panorama
    Crystal Panorama
  • Malpais Palisade
    Malpais Palisade
  • Open Road
    Open Road
  • Snowhere Trail
    Snowhere Trail
  • Crystal's Summer
    Crystal's Summer
  • Balloons Everywhere
    Balloons Everywhere
  • Antelope's Light
    Antelope's Light

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