Yesterday’s Tower


Yesterday’s Tower, or Square Tower House in Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park, may be long abandoned, but it still tells us stories even today.


Yesterday’s Tower wasn’t so long ago, really, when you come right down to it. If you measure it by a wristwatch, yesterday was just a few hours ago. If you measure it by a more subjective term, it was longer than that ago. And if you measure it by the ceaseless rhythms of the Earth, “yesterday” was just a thousand years or so ago.

This is Square Tower House in Mesa Verde National Park, in southern Colorado. Occupied from approximately 1205 through 1281 CE, it was one of the last major construction projects in the Mesa Verde area.

Today, Square Tower House is one of the great antiquities in North America. It wasn’t occupied for all that long, a mere blink of an eye in the Grand Scheme of things. Yet, its impact is profound indeed.

It is good to remember our past and those who came before us. It is good to celebrate them. Their works and their lives were not that different from our own, when it comes down to it. It is good to remember them and pay homage to their echoes across time. It is good to gaze upon yesterday’s tower and pay our respects.

In 1,000 more years, perhaps our own towers and buildings will cause the same reaction.

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