Teardrop’s Valley


Teardrop’s Valley lets us peer through a small arch into Monument Valley. This distant vantage point gives us a unique perspective of the buttes.


“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice. So surprising the view of Teardrop’s Valley is that she completely forgot how to speak proper English. “Now my own tears of joy shall match Teardrop Arch perfectly.”

Truer sentiments could not possibly be said, for the sheer beauty of joy of this small hidden arch just outside of Monument Valley, Arizona, often cause tears in one’s eye. If the grace of the arch isn’t enough, then the view through the arch certainly shall be.

For there, off a short ways away lies some of the buttes of Monument Valley itself. A view within a view, and both equal to each other.

Monument Valley has numerous small treasures such as this arch–one just needs to know where, and oftentimes, when to look. This particular view is just at sunset, moments before the colors of the day faded away.

Still, the reds of the rock were true and strong, highlighting the arch perfectly. The sky and clouds beyond, still somewhat blue at the top and fading to deeper tones below, provided the perfect backdrop for the valley itself, now resplendent in the mauves that it is so famous for.

Alice and the rest of us watched the rest of the time in silence, all of us with a tear in our eye for the beauty of the arch.

A fiery morning in Monument Valley

Monumental Sunrise documents a fiery morning in Monument Valley

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


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