Silhouette Bear


A silhouetted bear heads up a small hill as evening falls in Yellowstone National Park. This young grizzly is about to settle down for the evening.


The evening I made Silhouette Bear was much like all the other evenings this spring day in Yellowstone National Park. It had been a beautiful day, warm, but not too warm, sunny, and the whisper of a breeze throughout the day made for a pleasant day all around.

The evening came in unhurriedly, for there was no reason to be otherwise. With the evening came the evening rituals of the animal kingdom.

As the sun was slipping below the horizon the cloudless sky was turning a serene shade of blue, leaving the world in shadow and silhouette. Here and there the gentle hum and buzz of the park ebbed and flowed, but overall, the park was silent.

The grizzly bear was silent, too. Without sound nor whisper he began the ascent up the slope into the evening for his nightly forage. You wouldn’t think that such a large animal could move with less than a whisper, yet, they do. Silent and stealthy, yet also extraordinarily quick when need be, the grizzly bear is a very efficient hunter.

Silhouette bear continued his climb up in the hill and into the evening.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum


12×18, 20×30, 8×10